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A passionate music producer and DJ born in Detroit part of the first wave of Detroit techno artist/deejays and musicians from the mid 80s affectionally called by his peers the prince of techno Blake style is spoken words and dance rhythms that he calls poetry and rhythm with a blend of Detroit techno music and Chicago house music Blake Baxter started producing music in 1985 his first productions were recorded in Chicago originally due for release on DJ International Blake's first official release was in 1987 on KMS in Detroit a four-track remix EP 12 inch vinyl compiled from some of his previous recorded productions due for release on DJ International which was later was released in 1988-89 on DJ International and Westside Records Jack Masters series various artist compilation albums Blake Has four productions on the first Detroit Techno completion album titled the New Dance Sound of Detroit the Album that introduced Detroit Techno to the world released on Virgin 10 records notably he also released music on Underground Resistance record label and Tresor Records in Berlin Germany and currently releasing music on his label Mix Records aka Mix Media Music Group Blake was one of the first Deejays to play House and Techno music in the Detroit area clubs in the mid 80s he was a resident DJ in the downtown Detroit area at the Leland House Club aka The City Club and for nearly five years at Majestic Theater in the early to Mid 90s in Berlin Blake was a Tresor resident DJ. Mr. Baxter has remained consistent in his music productions and releases since his musical journey began in Detroit and still continues to this date. Blake has worked with a verity of producers over the years on music collaborations and you can hear his unmistakable sound that comes out in every production. As a DJ Blake continues to tour worldwide Blake passionately plays to the audience and feeds off the energy of the room taking them on a musical journey thru sound spinning classic techno, house and tech house to minimal in true Detroit deejay fashion Blake will do anything to move the crowd.

Dj Info

1985 City:
Detroit Category:
Club, Special Events ,Festivals Main Genre:
House, Techno, BPM:
121 to 130 Media Type:
Vinyl and Digital Set duration:
2 to 5 hours Equipment:
Pioneer CDJ Nexus DJM Pioneer Nexus / Technic 1200 turntables Performance:
DJ or hybrid set and live performance Past Residencies:
Majestic Theater Detroit USA 1987-91 Tresor Club Berlin Germany Affiliations:
DJ International, KMS, UR, Tresor Records, Disko B Records, Systematic Recordings, FOUR313 Music Group


1. When we used to play / KMS
2. Sexuality / incognito
3. When a thought Becomes you / UR
4. One More Time / Tresor
5. Our Luv / Disko
6. Freakin / Systematic
7. What Happen / ADR
Music / Systematic Recordings
She is Music / Planet e
FOUR313 / Agape / FOUR313


City club( Det) Shelter (Det) Majestic theater (Det) Motor (Det) Limelight (NYC) Tresor (Berlin) Berghain Panorama bar (Berlin) Suicide Circus (Berlin) Ultrashal (Munich) Rote Sonne (Munich) Omen (Frankfurt) (love parade Berlin) Fuse (Belgium) Roxy (Amsterdam) Moog (Spain) Kings club (Livorno Ity) Sub Club (Glasgow) Arches (Glasgow) Ministry (London) Fabric (London) Florida 35 (Spain) Fabik (Spain) Space (Ibiza) La Real, (Oviedo) Klub Mint (Montenegro) Weiss (Tel Aviv) Techndrom (Russia) Skorohod (Saint Peteraburg Russ) Bloc & Body hammer / TBA (east London) Doomroosje (Netherlands) Silencio Switzerland) SQ Club(Poland) Nouveau Casino (Paris,France) Concrete (Paris,France)PAL (Hamburg Germany) Distillery (Liepzig Germany)