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Deejay or Live Set




Blake Baxter live sets is his evolution in techno on folding onstage

The best way to describe Blake’s live set first we must reference his vinyl releases on Mix Records MX-20 The Machines EP which was composed and recorded live during a live techno performance a process Blake refers to as raw grooves, R.A.W DATARandom Authentic Works Randomness: Comes from atmospheric Noise Authentic: Conforming to fact Work: Activity done in order to achieve purpose thru Digital and Analog Techno Audio Blake likes spontaneous mixing and random patterns during his live set you will hear Acid, House,Techno & random raw beats from drum units and tweaked frequency from various analog sound modules accented with Blake Baxter unmistakable unique chant style vocals from KMS records to Tresor, Disko B, Mix Records and Systematic recordings Blake Baxter often imitated but never duplicated

Blake Baxter

Mix Media Music Group